Build My Rank Deindexed Says Goodbye to Customers

Another casualty in the Google blog network massacre is Build My Rank, also known as BMR.  BMR was a really great network that focused on quality content being added.  Members could not add spun content and there was moderation of posts so that they could reject duplicate content.

Build My Rank was a respectable blog network of high quality, so to see them as the latest part of attrition shows you that it doesn’t matter how high quality a network claims to be, they are all at risk of being smashed and deindexed by the evil machine Google.

Build My Rank – R.I.P. March 19, 2012

Currently I see High PR Society under siege, they are still holding out with a handful of indexed sites but the Google virus has infected their network and they will soon be in pieces.  Tens of thousands of dollars spent on domains now turned to rubble.

Google Is Joining Blog Networks – Beware

In the last 2 months Google has joined several of the most effective and popular blog networks so that they could map out all the domains and then deindex them.  If you belong to any networks you may want to check and see if the domains that you are getting backlinks from are actually still indexed.  The future of blog networks is now going to have to go underground, getting backlinks from blogs will be like the days of prohibition and you’ll need an insider to get you in.  Say hello to the blog network speakeasy’s.

All I can say right now is if a network is advertising, sending emails for launches, or anything that allows any Tom, Dick, or Harry to join then it is at risk of being immediately deindexed by Google.

Where Can You Get Quality Backlinks Now?

Search engine optimization through link building has just become a lot more expensive.  It’s going to be more important than ever to focus on high quality sites and conversions.  Wasting traffic at ineffective offers is no longer an option because free website traffic just became a much more precious commodity that is harder to get.  Google wants you to use their PPC and Adwords modules so that you can help them line their pockets with more gold instead of your own.

If you want free backlinks you’ll need to sign up for a list of social networking sites and put quality content on those linking back to your site.  Social networking sites are still a great place to get backlinks when used correctly.

If you’re one of the folks that has been cheering Google for taking down networks because you think it will help your cause let me tell you how misguided you are.  Google didn’t do this for you.  They did it for them.  They do everything for them and their business, their revenue, their little monster.  They don’t care about the little guy cranking out high quality content scraping to make a sale.  They want to make sure that the people that were able to afford all that SEO and link building can shuffle that money into PPC advertisting campaigns.

The Changes Aren’t Over

You’ll need to fast forward a bit to see where this is going.  At first glance you might think that Google is just improving the results in search, but its not the case.  They are about to give the entire search engine a giant refresh by how they show results.  They will no longer just show links, but will show the actual content and then cite the source.  This will be surrounded with carefully mapped out ads to increase their revenue.  The way these ads are placed has been painstakingly mapped out and tested and split tested to see which way gives them the most clicks and the content owners the least.

So what about your high quality content?  It will be used to draw people into the search and Google will try to answer their question right then and there with no need for them to visit someones page – unless it is one of the carefully placed ads that will draw them revenue.  So don’t worry, they are going to finding a great use for your content.  Did you ever think about when written content on the web becomes public domain?  How about all that deindexed content on websites Google threw out of the index?  They didn’t throw the content out, they still have it cached in their massive evil brain.

Follow The Money

When you see the hundreds of millions of dollars that were being spent on SEO services start going to Google services you will then understand why these changes are being made so aggressively.  The blog deindexing is just a small part of the major plan and that plan doesn’t really include the little guy unless its to get you to spend money on them rather than using a cheap blog network to get yourself some rankings in your niche to make a few extra bucks for your family.

What Can you Do Now?

Just because things just got tougher doesn’t mean you should roll over and let Google kick you on the ground.  As we say in the Marines “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!!!!” – actually we never said that in my Marine Infantry platoon but I do remember the Marines in Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood saying it and I’ve always held that saying close to my chest.

If you lost rankings and are losing money just remember that there are still many people still making money.  Whoever adapts and changes the quickest will actually just find an opportunity within this.  There is always opportunity when major changes come.

Rick Porter
Rick Porter is an seo consultant and internet marketer.


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